Owners Corporations

Taking the stress off of managing or being apart of an Owners Corporation is what we aim to provide for our clients. This niche area of practice touches on many other aspects of property law and requires significant expertise to obtain quick and cost-effective solutions.

We offer the following Owners Corporation services:-

  • Advice in respect of the Owners Corporations Act and Regulations
  • Manager and committee support and advice
  • Drafting management agreements and advising on them
  • Building defect disputes
  • Internal governance and model rules
  • Fee recovery
  • Drafting Special Resolutions and Postal Ballots
  • Commercial disputes and issues
  • Common property leasing and licensing
  • Boundary and liability/entitlement disputes and interpretation of Plans of Subdivision
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Owners Corporation creation

Who we serve

We provide our expert services to the following:-

  • Owners Corporation managers and committees
  • Developers and estate managers
  • Individual lot owners and lot owner action


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